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Making the Best of Your Holiday Season

Warmest Wishes for a Happy & Safe Holiday Season

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests that have stayed at Stone Gate Inn for the confidence you have placed in us. It our wish that you have an awesome holiday season with friends and loved ones.

In case you were looking for some ideas for the season, we have prepared a small list of fun activities in and around the Orillia area.

  1. Ski the Slopes of Simcoe– Simcoe County has some of the most thrilling ski resorts for all ages and skill levels.
  2. Celebrate the birth of 2013 at Casino Rama– On New Years Eve 2012 Stone Gate Inn will be running a complimentary Shuttle service for guests only. The service runs once per hour, includes deluxe breakfast, complimentary hor d’oeuvres in the Fireside Lounge and a complimentary bottle of champagne.
  3. Orillia Winter Carnival– This exciting Winter Carnival has been a part of Orillia for at least 60 years. Some of the events include Dog Sled Races, Shivers Ice Castle, Ball Hockey Tournament, Horse/Sleigh Rides, Helicopter Rides and much more.

Holiday Fun – How we Decorate Our Christmas Tree

Cutting Through Common Holiday Stresses

For many of us the holiday season brings unwanted stress and pressure:

  • What are we going to feed everyone?
  • Safely driving for countless hours to visit family worries me!
  • I’ve got to get Christmas lights and decorations up now.
  • I’m a little short on funds this year, how will I pay for all the gifts I need to buy?

These are some common stresses many of us share during the holiday season. Remember stress is self induced! We need to change our state-of-mind into a different state! The holiday season can actually be a bundle of joy with no stress, plenty of quality time with friends and loved ones.

Ideas for Family Feasts

The approach here is simple; turn your worries into a collaborative effort. Get children, friends and family involved with the preparation of meals and desserts. I don’t know many young children that would not jump at the opportunity to prepare cakes and cookies. The rewards by far outweigh the risks. Terms of payment are sampling what you prepare. “Johnny [Sally], I need some help taste testing the shortbread cookies and the Christmas cake.”

Then there are the main course meals you want to prepare. With the aid of our wonderful world wide web you’ll find countless ideas for holiday feasts:

And, again, turn it into a group effort. We recommend you add laughter and joy!

Driving & Arriving Safely

The majority of us depend on an automobile to transport us to our destination during the holiday season. Some of us travel a short distance while others cover a fair distance in holiday travels. In Canada old man winter can be nasty or nice. From day to day it’s a bit of a crap-shoot but there are steps you can take to insure you are prepared for almost anything on the wintery roads:

  • Make sure you have winter tires and they are inflated to the correct tire pressures
  • Remove all snow from your vehicle windows to maximize driving vision
  • Check all fluid levels in your engine, especially windshield washer
  • Be mindful of snowplows that use blue flashing lights to warn other drivers of their presence
  • Contact your destination before you leave to let them when you are leaving and when you expect to arrive
  • Check the weather forecast to gain better insights into road conditions, particularly black ice

Decoration for the Season

For many years we have done our own decorating of our homes including the typical Christmas tree, Christmas lights, model villages and front yard Santa sleighs. There’s so much more we can do…the only missing ingredient is motivation. Assuming you are motivated to explore some out-of-the-box Christmas decorating ideas, here’s some food for thought:

  • Compliment your beautiful holiday décor with the right music
  • Offer songbooks to guests that will join in singing holiday music
  • Prepare a rich n’ tasty eggnog with Cognac rum and bourbon
  • Include special seasonal touches in powder and guest rooms
  • Turn your fireplace mantle into a magical holiday setting
  • Place holiday cushions on furniture

Adding the Personal Touch to Gift Giving without Breaking the Bank

One of the biggest concerns we have is the costs of gift giving. Often we will use credit cards at the holiday season when we are a little short of cash. Unless you manage your credit cards diligently…without late payments, try to NOT USE plastic money. You really have many other wallet friendly options available to you!

  • Make your own Bits N’ Bites– All you need is jars and a good bits and bites recipe.
  • Home-made Cookies– It amazing the mileage you’ll get from simple cookie dough.
  • Denim Jean Pocket Quilts– Some of those jeans in the closet are likely worn out, full of holes and only wearable around the house. Why not make a quilt from the pockets for that someone special?

The holiday season is meant to be joyous not stressful. Hopefully you have found ways to help you focus on the fun side of holidays. Life is too short!

Best of the Season from all the staff at Stone Gate Inn!

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