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Hotel FAQ Answered by Guest Services Team

Most Commonly Asked Questions About your Stay at Stone Gate Inn

Over the last short while we have been researching ways to bring our guest more meaningful information about Stone Gate Inn. The question we explored was “how can we really help our guests with tips and information that help them make an educated decision about staying with Stone Gate Inn?” The solution was right in front of our eyes. We decided we’d listen closely to what our guests and prospects were asking and document all valid questions. The following information was compiled from actual questions that have been asked of our guest services team…

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Hotel Questions

I would like to learn about other guests experiences that stayed at Stone Gate Inn

You can visit our testimonial page or see what our guests are saying about Stone Gate Inn on Trip Advisor.

What hotel amenities does Stone Gate Inn offer?

We are rated in the top 25 hotels in Canada by Trip Advisor. Learn more about our hotel amenities here.

I have allergies— do the windows in your rooms open?

We do have suites with sliding doors that open. Please make note of your request when making your reservation.

Is there a waiting list I could go on if someone were to cancel?

We do indeed have a wait list that guests can request to be placed on in case of cancellations.

Is your facility pet friendly?

Stone Gate Inn does not allow pets. The only exceptions are service animals. Proper documentation will be required at check in.

Do you offer fitness memberships for use of the pool & fitness facilities?

The usage of our fitness facility and indoor pool is included in your hotel stay. We do not offer memberships for these facilities.

If possible, would we be able to get adjoining rooms?

Yes we certainly do have multiple options for adjoining suites

Can you recommend a rental car name for your area?

There are multiple car rental agencies in Orillia and area. Our Guest Services staff is happy to direct you to the company of your choice as well as assisting with vehicle reservations.

Is it possible to have a late check out?

Late check out requests are based on availability the day of arrival.

Do you have WiFi at the hotel?

Yes! Complimentary Wi-Fi is included.

What times do I check in and out?

Check-in time is 3PM and check-out time is 11AM

Do you offer group rates for your rooms?

Yes we do; depending on your requirements, event date and availability. Feel free to contact our guest services team to inquire about group rate discounts.

How do I block off several rooms at your hotel for an event?

It’s easy to reserve a block of rooms! The most common reason guests book a block of rooms is for their special wedding day. Simply contact us toll free 1-877-674-5542

What are the hours of your pool?

The pool and hot tub are opened daily between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.

How can I order one of the bath robes?

When you are staying at Stone Gate Inn dial 0 to speak to guest services. You can order as many bathrobes as you wish by adding your order to your hotel account.

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Where can I learn more about Stone Gate Inn and Orillia?

Take a look at our HD video that answers this question and more.

Is your hotel close to the festivities?

Yes our hotel is located near the heritage district of Orillia. This is where many of Orillia’s festivities take place. Currently we offer a Shuttle bus only to Casino Rama. You can learn more about attractions in Orillia by reviewing a complete list of Orillia Attractions on our website.

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Casino Rama Shuttle

Casino Rama Shuttle Frequently Asked QuestionsStone Gate Inn now offers a complimentary shuttle service for guests that book a hotel room. Take advantage of this fun-filled service that will provide you with excitement and take your hotel stay with us to a whole new level. Take in that entertainment event you’ve always wanted to see while enjoying our gracious hospitality and luxurious accommodation. Combine your Casino Rama event with with gaming excitement by utilizing our variable departure and arrival shuttle schedule. It’s all up to you!

What’s the best way to find a Casino Rama event on the website?

You can use our advance search option found under the “Casino Rama Event Date” selector on our booking module.
How to Find a Casino Rama Event

Can I eat at the hotel prior to boarding the shuttle?

Of course! Stone Gate Inn has the Fireside Lounge, with a light pub style menu that should satisfy your appetite

How many seats are on the shuttle bus and how long is the drive?

Our shuttle bus will accommodate 11 passengers maximum per departure. The distance from Stone Gate Inn to Casino Rama is 12 kms (approx. a 15 minute drive)

What happens if I accidentally left items on the bus?

Let guest services know or contact our lost and found team by calling Toll Free: 1-877-ORILLIA (1-877-674-5542).

When I am ready to board the shuttle where do I find it?

Return to the check-in desk at reception where guest services will give you further instructions on boarding the shuttle bus.

Are tips and gratuities for the driver included in the rate?

No, they are not. If you feel your driver was worthy of a tip, feel free to do so directly with your chauffeur.

Can pets be included on the Shuttle Bus?

No, we are a pet free hotel and Casino Rama also has a no pet policy.

How can I pay for accommodations and a shuttle service?

We accept (by phone or online) all major credit cards for accommodation and hotel packages.

Does the Shuttle Driver Sell Tickets?

Tickets to the event are not included in your stay at Stone Gate Inn but can be purchased through our website by clicking the “Buy Tickets” link shown beside every event.

How can I purchase the shuttle service to Casino Rama?

The shuttle service is included with your stay at Stone Gate Inn. You can reserve seats either by using our shuttle departure request option on our website, emailing us directly or calling toll-free 1-877-674-5542 to speak to one of our Guest Services Agents. Please remember to choose a departure time prior to the event and returning from the event. Tickets to the event are not included in your stay at Stone Gate Inn but can be purchased through our website by clicking the “Buy Tickets” link shown beside every event.

When does the Casino shuttle pick guests up at Casino Rama?

Departure times from Casino Rama begin at ½ hour after the event. If the show ends at 10PM, departure times are 10:30PM, 11:15PM, 11:30PM or 12:15AM. Guests have the option to leave immediately following the show or stay to enjoy more Casino Rama excitement.

When does the Casino Shuttle leave for the Casino?

The Shuttle is available for hotel guests that want to attend a Casino Rama event. The shuttle has 4 departure times based on the time of each event. E.g. if a show begins at 8PM, departure times will be 6:00PM, 6:45PM, 7:00PM and 7:45PM. This will allow guests to take in other forms of entertainment such as slots, black jack, etc. if they desire

How far is Stone Gate Inn from Casino Rama?

It’s about 12km. Here are the directions from Stone Gate Inn.

Can you tell me about the free Casino shuttle?

You can learn more about the Casino Rama Shuttle and questions guests commonly ask about the Casino Rama Shuttle on our website.

Do you have a shuttle bus to and from the Casino?

Yes, our Casino Rama Shuttle service is available for selected events. When you select your event a list of times for Casino arrival and departure times are shown.

What times does the Casino Shuttle Service run?

Stone Gate Inn Departure to Casino Rama

  • 6:00PM
  • 6:45PM
  • 7:00PM
  • 7:45PM

Casino Rama Departure to Stone Gate Inn

  • 10:30PM
  • 11:15PM
  • 11:30PM
  • 12:15AM

Is there a cost for the Casino Shuttle?

The shuttle service is complimentary to hotel guests only.

Can we still book a shuttle package the same day of the event?

We do recommend that you reserve your seats for the shuttle at the same time you make your reservation, as seating is limited. However, many times we do have cancellations or we may add extra shuttle departures on the evening of the event if needed. In the future you can review our Casino Rama Packages first to see what events/ dates the shuttle is available on, based on shuttle seating availability.

Do you let patrons from other hotels use your shuttle service to the Casino Rama?

Unfortunately we do not. Our Casino Rama Shuttle Service is intended for Stone Gate Inn guests only.

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Hotel Packages

What special packages does Stone Gate Inn offer?

We offer casino, golf, ski, theater and many more. See our hotel packages for more information.

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Hotel Rates

Are your rates the same online and offline?

Yes they are the same.

Does Stone Gate Inn have any special offers?

Yes, subscribe to our e-newsletter and we will periodically send you special offers.

What are the best rates offered at Stone Gate Inn?

Use the “check availability” link found at the top of every page.

What are your group rates for events?

The most common groups that book a block of rooms are weddings. For any group booking we encourage you to contact our guest services team to make appropriate arrangements and find out rates based on the details of your specific event.

Do you offer travel agent rates?

We do have travel agent rates available Sunday –Thursday on a first stay basis which also includes a site tour.

Does Stone Gate Inn offer special rates (Corporate, Caubo, etc.) for University employees?

We do indeed have corporate and preferred corporate rates available. Corporate rates are available Sunday – Thursday and preferred corporate rates are available 7 days a week. Please inquire about the best rate for your stay during your booking process.

Do you offer a CAA discount when making a reservation online?

Yes we offer CAA rates which are available when you book your accommodation

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Hotel Suites

What Beds are Available in the Studio Fireplace Suite?

The Studio Fireplace Suite is only available with king size beds.

What’s the Difference Between a Luxury & Executive Suite?

They are both the same square footage but the Luxury Suite includes a few extras; 2 person Jacuzzi, separate shower and fireplace.

Can I explore the interior & exterior rooms of Stone Gate Inn?

Yes, rooms, interior and exterior views can be found in our photo gallery.

What types of Suites can guests book?

There are 4 main suite types found at Stone Gate Inn; Studio, Studio Fireplace, Executive and Luxury.

Is it possible to upgrade our hotel suite?

The answer is subject to available inventory. If we have the room you desire available, you are welcome to upgrade. This question is best answered by calling us ASAP or by booking your desirable room from the outset.

Do your rooms have a balcony?

No we do not have suites with balconies but some of our suites do have sliding doors that open.

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Once I Make a reservation how do I know it’s valid

With our online booking process you are sent an email to confirm your reservation. You may also request that we communicate with you by phone, what day and time you would like our guest services team to contact you.

Is Stone Gate Inn Opened on Holidays?

Yes we are opened all year around.

Can I make reservations online?

Yes you can book any suite using our secure online booking module.

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Thank you for making Stone Gate Inn Orillia’s #1 ranked hotel and ranked in the top 25 hotels in Canada!

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